Shoot perfect images for e-commerce using automated photography system


Many e-commerce websites have typical requirements for their product photography and usually they are about image resolution and image quality. Probably you might encounter the same challenges even if you have to shoot images for your website or catalogue. Although typically most vendors choose to outsource their product photography, if the volume/quantity of the products exceeds then it would be more economical to invest in an automated photography system rather then outsourcing.

The benefits of using automated photography systems are as follows

  1. Automate the angles, light settings, camera settings and zoom settings of the product
  2. Achieve automated background removal to achieve a PNG image that can have a white or any custom background
  3. Achieve focus staking to achieve complete focus of the product incase of high depth products
  4. Achieve uniformity in export options with multiple sizes export capability

More advantages of using an automated system

Multiple angles can be shot using the automated turntables in a span of a few seconds to illustrate the complete product. These angles can then be merged to create a collage of images for social media and digital marketing. Text can be added to show the features of the products beautifully to give a quick demo about the product to be showcased. 360 degree videos can also be created using the inbuilt turntable and even edited to create beautiful social media ads.

Solutions in E-commerce photography

E-commerce product photography need not be a challenge to product sellers in the current age as automated systems are now available to solve this problem. Orbitvu is one such company that offers automated photography solutions to a variety of customers including jewellers, watch makers, shoe brands, fashion brands and any e-commerce product seller. One of Orbitvu’s top selling product is the Alphashot 360 – small to medium automated product photography system.

Orbitvu’s automated photography solution

Orbitvu’s Alphashot 360 is suited to shoot products such as cosmetics, shoes, jewelry, electronics etc and has inbuilt LED lighting system and a software controlled turntable. The lighting system can be controlled very precisely to illuminate different categories of products. The software is extremely intuitive with an icon based interface for easy use.

Some key parameters of Alphashot 360 are

Dimensions: 115 cm × 69 cm × 64 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Max object size: 30 cm × 30 cm × 30 cm

Turntable diameter: 59 cm

Max object weight: 3 kg

The Alphashot 360 from Orbitvu is a smart choice for small to medium sized product sellers to photography their products and create content in the form of pictures and videos. For more information on Orbitvu solutions, please visit

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