Orbitvu India Jewellery Photography Contest 2023

August 2023 : In June 2023, Intriguity authorised distributor for Orbitvu in India organised a contest for all its customers to submit their jewellery photographs taken on Alphashot Micro & win exciting prizes. The contest was open to all jewellery customers who own a Orbitvu machine in India. The contest received an overwhelming response with several entries submitted by many jewellers.

The judges for the contest were announced & they were prominent personalities in the field of jewellery photography. Mr Witold Jermolowicz, announced as one of the judges is the global commercial manager at Orbitvu Poland and an avid photographer, traveller & visual story teller. Mr Praveen Prakash is a commercial photographer, visual director & educator with 10+ years experience in the field of jewellery photography was announced as second judge

The contest received entries from 14 prominent jewellery companies with some amazing shots and the judges had really a hard time in deciding upon the winners of the contest. The criteria for selecting the winners was how the lights & camera settings were used to bring out the brilliance of stones, pearls & metal. Emphasis was also given to use of props, shadows & colour combinations.

he winners of the contest announced were given certificates from Orbitvu and an attractive prize. In total 3 prizes were given – one winner and 2 runner up prizes.

Selection Criteria for Winner : The judges really had a tough time among the top five entries as each was a stunner. The winning entry was finally selected from P.N.Gadgil & Sons Ltd . This was because of the ability of the photographer to bring out the brilliance of the diamonds and pearls at the same time. The props used were complementing the jewellery and also each and every detail was visible clearly inspite of the complex geometry. The use of reflections was simply amazing and stunning. The layout of the jewellery was also perfect.

Selection Criteria for 2nd Prize : There were 2 entries from Vaibhav Global Ltd that were among the top runners but finally the judges selected the multi stone ring on wooden background as the stone clarity in this picture was amazing. The photographer also made use of the shadows perfectly and the whole shot looked absolutely natural and amazing. The props used also complemented the ring very well and eventually the shot came out perfect

Selection Criteria for 3rd Prize : The shot from P.N.Gadgil Jewellers Ltd, Pune was adjudicated as the winner for the 3rd prize and frankly it was as good as the other two. The photographer had beautifully captured different types of jewellery in a single shot such as coins, rings and a necklace. Even the necklace had gold and colour stone elements that made it more challenging however the shot was beautifully captured and looked real. Even the shadows came out very well in whole shot and looked amazing.

The judges eventually wanted to state that although each picture in the top 5 was equally good, the prizes were given based on the complexity of jewellery shot & how well the combined shot looked.

The Orbitvu India team wants to extend a big thank you to all the 14 participants who participated in the contest and each participant will receive a participation certificate & trophy from Orbitvu Poland.

We look forward to having the Orbitvu India Jewellery Photography Contest in 2024 as well. Meanwhile happy shooting 🙂

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