Training on 3D Printing Techniques

Intriguity has been in the business of implementing 3D printers since the year 2008 and has more than 15 years experinece in implementing and training on different types of 3D printers ranging from wax printers, FDM printers, DLP printers and LCD 3D Printers. We service different industry segments such as jewellery, automotive, dental, engineering, interior design, architecture, medical and engineering services.
Now we offer training on 3D printers with the experience and understanding of 15 years of implementing 3D printing technologies. Live demo and hands on experience is being offered in a variety of 3D Printers that include the entire spectrum of 3D Printing
– Training on FDM/FFF 3D Printers
– Training on DLP 3D Printers
– Training on LCD 3D Printers
– Training on Wax Jet 3D Printers
By the end of the training, you should be able to use and operate all of the above mentioned 3D Printers handon.

Training on Jewellery Photography

Intriguity has been in the business of implementing automated jewellery photography systems since 2016 and has supplied these systems to more than 200 top jewellers in India. Some prominent customers include Malabar Gold, Reliance Jewels, PN Gadgil & Sons, GRT, Keertilal, Manubhai Jewellers and several more pioneers in this industry.
We have now started providing training on jewellery photography and the module covers
–  Understanding camera parameters and settings of DSLR camera
– Understanding light settings and choosing the correct light settings for different kinds of jewellery
– Post production & exporting images
– 360 degree video creation
– Creative shots and using props for creative photography
By the end of this training you should be able to create high quality jewellery images and videos and use them on your social media pages.