CAD Modeling Services

We offer cad modeling and rendering services for the export market to jewelers from USA, UK, Europe & Australia through our sister concern Cad on Demand ( We have tens of customers using our services across the world and we specialize in engagement rings, signet rings, custom design, wedding bands and designer pendants

We have a team of experienced cad designers and specialized software to take care of each and every need of a custom jeweler.

3D Printing Services

We offer 3D printing services in some key technologies

  1. High Precision Wax 3D Printing using Solidscape wax printers
  2. Intricate resin pieces on DLP technology using Solidscape DL resin printers
  3. Large volume parts in variety of plastics such as ABS, PLA, Nylon etc using Modix 3D printers


We serve different industry segments such as jewelry, automotive, dental, interior design & architecture, medical & engineering services.

Photography Services

Using Orbitvu photography systems, we can offer still and 360 degree photography services for a wide range of products including jewelry, fashion, shoes, handbags, electronics and consumer goods

Our packshots can be exported as a PNG image that can use any custom background in digital platforms and e-commerce. 360 degree presentations open up new avenues of product teleporting that brands can embrace to bridge the gap of product demos with their customers