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Designer Jewellery Manufacturer - N.M.Karel & Sons adopts Solidscape R66 after much scrutiny.

classic N.M Karel & Sons are designers & manufacturers of exclusive gold & studded jewelry. They believe that their strengths are their designs and workmenship.

They are dedicated to offer the best of innovate design, craftsmenship and service as a package.

Based in Delhi since 1983, their clientele includes the most elite population of India. Their name is synonymous to exclusive designer jewellery in Delhi. For achieving more sophistication in their end products, the company decided to adopt CAD/CAM on an experimental basis since they were not 100% sure of the

benefits they would reap from this technology to their line of products. They had almost finalized to purchase the Envisiontec Perfactory until they were exposed to the technology of Solidscape.

"We were more keen to have 100% castable models even though it takes somewhat longer times to build those models. In our league of jewelry, each & every creation is a masterpiece and we pay attention to each and every detail. After much evaluation, we were convinced that the only machine that could give such precision and castability was Solidscape. Since we were experimenting with CAD/CAM, we also wanted to have a minimum investment, so we chose the Solidscape's R66 rather than the T76 since both of them give identical results"

said Mr D D Karel - Director, N.M.Karel & Sons.

After a couple of months, the company is extremely glad to choose Solidscape. "When we bought the Solidscape machine, we encountered post layer failures one day & just out of curiosity we wrote to Solidscape. Further, Mr. Vikrant Rawa called & directed to make some temperature changes. We did it & since then, the machine has run perfectly. To sum it up all, the machine is giving excellent outputs and it gives us an immense sense of satisfaction, that we made an appropriate choice while buying the machine" added Mr Karel.

"We also faced problems with getting the right people on CAD, but we hope the new RhinoJewel Acadamy started by Intriguity, we should be getting a regular inflow of good CAD Designers" said Mr Manoj Karel.
Company Contacts : www.nmkarel.com

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