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The scanners produced by ScanSystems offer a result that was unthinkable until a few years ago: obtaining the 3D model from a real object through no-contact procedures. This process is automatic, takes only a few seconds and guarantees a high degree of dimensional precision. These innovative features make the Scanprobe scanners extremely versatile devices, which can change the way of designing, measuring and controlling quality in different sectors, from industrial design to jewellery, from artistic heritage to bioengineering.

The product range is composed by different solutions designed according to the specific uses they are for: the line-up goes from the ST/HP system, the exceptionally performing progenitor of Scanprobe products, to the LT systems and Small Objects. On the one side, the LT systems assure high standard performances, exploiting a simplified technology at remarkably low prices.

On the other side, the Small Objects systems are conceived for an automatic and even quicker acquisition of small sized objects. Indeed, one of the leading products belonging to this products’ class is Dental-Scanner, an innovative system specifically designed for the dental sector.


The scanProbe software has been developed by scanSystems using a Windows platform. The modern and friendly interface is based on OpenGL technology to display measured and processed data.

The better scanning strategy can be selected on the basis of peculiarities of specific applications. The scanProbe software is designed to control the vision devices and to generate and manipulate point clouds, to acquire the colour. Moreover, various functionalities are available to process the measured data:

  • interactive visualisation
  • alignment of point clouds (3-2-1 procedures, integrated photogrammetry, and rotary table)
  • registration and merging of point clouds
  • simultaneous registration of multiple scans
  • uniform and curvature-based point sampling
  • creation of CAD data interfaces (IGES, STL, ASCII)
  • visualisation and export of colour data
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