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The scanProbe system includes two 1.9 Megapixel (St models), or 4 Megapixel (Hp models), b/w FireWire cameras and a structured light projector. The vision devices are connected to a PC equipped with Windows XP and a software for scanning and processing surface data.

The optical devices are assembled within robust covers to make the scanner usable even in industrial environment. Furthermore, scanProbe can be mounted on supports which can be adjusted, manually or electronically, to optimise the scanning strategy. Due to the robust and modular configuration, the system can be easily carried, thus offering a high level of mobility.

The scanProbe systems can be easily adapted to various measurement situations by setting the optical configuration. A package, including software and a certified plate with printed markers, is also supplied to calibrate the optical devices for a variety of applications.

The optical sensors can be mounted on adjustable tripods. Frames with different lengths can be supplied to scan large measuring areas.


The scanProbe software has been developed by scanSystems using a Windows platform. The modern and friendly interface is based on OpenGL technology to display measured and processed data.

The better scanning strategy can be selected on the basis of peculiarities of specific applications. The scanProbe software is designed to control the vision devices and to generate and manipulate point clouds, to acquire the colour. Moreover, various functionalities are available to process the measured data

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