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The new CORiTEC 240i from imes-icore opens up the road to dental CAD/CAM-automation for you. Space saving and very compact the CORiTEC 240i emphasizes easy installation and multi-purpose usability.

Thanks to an automated 10x tool changer and 4-axes 45 units and more can be manufactured without changing the blank.

The CORiTEC 240i is designed to dry-mill all important materials like Zirconium oxide, Aluminum oxide, resins and waxes. With the additional wet processing option it is furthermore possible to assimilate glass ceramic and lithium-disilicate blocks.

Construction type:

  • Rigid, industrial, heavy duty steel-aluminum table top design
  • Swinging hood with integraded gas spring for ergonomical closing and opening
  • 4-Axes-Processing (NC-controlled)
  • Easiest connection and using with iCAM V4
  • Micro-Step-Controller and motors on all axes
  • One blank holder with NC-controlled automatic 360 degree axis and real 4-Axes-Processing
  • Rotation axis with transmission for high stability
  • Setup / blank change within a minute
  • HF-spindle with up to 60.000 rpm
  • Cooling vent integrated into spindle holder
  • Water cooling system for wet processing (optional)
  • Suction with closed lid for optimized absorbing
  • Automatic 10-time direct tool-changer
  • Using tools with 3 mm shaft
  • Integrated tool length measurement sensor with up to 2µm
  • Automatic air pressure control
  • 115 V/230 V-versions
  • Compressed air consumption app. 50 l/min(min. 7 bar)
  • Weight: 106 kg
  • 506 x 670 x 738 mm (LxHxW)


  • Processing of all important dental materials by dry-milling and wet-grinding (optional) with 4 axes.
  • Zirkonium oxide
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Resins like PMMA/Composite
  • Waxes
  • Glass Ceramics / Lithium Disilicate (optional)


  • Mainly in small and medium size labs as a multipurpose production system
  • Complementing applications in larger labs and milling centers
  • Depending on the material app. 40 – 45 units out of a single disc


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