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Company History

Intriguity was founded in the year 2004 by Mr Vikrant Rawa – a postgraduate diploma in management, with an objective to equip the Indian manufacturing industry with technologies that would enable them to produce more sophisticated products & compete in the global market with better products so as to gain a better market share. The manufacturing companies in India stand a better chance to be market leaders in their respective domains due to availability of skilled & educated personnel in abundance here.
According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the educated workforce in India is estimated to be one of the largest in the world. Hence, if companies in India are equipped with the right technological tools, we stand to gain a significant market share in global consumption market in the next 10 years. Also, we believe that sophisticated technologies in the area of manufacturing, if implemented properly could leverage a company’s business significantly than any other variable.

Since 2004, Intriguity has been implementing CAD software’s such as Alibre Design & Rhino3d for the Indian Manufacturing Industry. With a collaboration with Solidscape Inc, USA in the year 2008, Intriguity started implementing master model making systems for the jewelry industry in India. In 2010, Intriguity partnered with Scansystems SRL for distributing its 3D Scanner in India. In the year 2012, Intriguity collaborated with Isel Germany & its subsidary Imes Icore to sell/support its CNC systems for the engineering and the dental market. In 2014, Intriguity was appointed the distributor for automated photography systems by one of the leading product teleporting company in the world – Orbitvu Sp z.o.o. Further in 2017, Intriguity collaborated with the company GPA Innova for selling and implementing their electropolishing systems in India for the jewellery segment.

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